CLEVELAND – A recently proposed an initiative to build a high-speed tunnel transportation system could be a game changer for the way residents in Chicago and Cleveland get between the two cities. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and North Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) along with the Illinois Department of Transportation have reached a deal to conduct a study that […]

Those of us who prefer to shamelessly step inside McDonald’s rather than ordering our McNuggets at the drive-thru, just got some good news. There’s a 6,500-square-foot high-tech Micky D’s coming, and it’ll be full to the brim with french fries. McDonald’s franchise owner Chris Habiger knows what the people want, and he’s giving it to them. Habiger and […]

  Chick-fil A has been in the news lately for health care, but while the ruckus was going on surrounding it, the privately held fast food company has been growing. A new report by Janney Capital Markets calls Chick-fil A’s growth “legendary,” noting: “Back in 1999, the category leader was … KFC, with 39.7% share. […]

Popular 90s R&B group Boyz II Men is proving they still have the crisp harmonies that catapulted them to stardom. The group was just featured in a new Wendy’s commercial promoting the pretzel bun bacon cheeseburgers. The Grammy Award winners show Mary J. Blige they can sing about fast food and still keep their dignity. […]

Man…no way Jose! According to DDW, Jose Vergara Acevedo entered an elevator on the first floor of a new apartment complex in Santiago, Chile. Before the doors could even completely close, the elevator began its rapid climb, eventually slamming into the ceiling of the building and critically hurting Acevedo! Take a look at the video footage […]

  A lawsuit is now considered against the restaurant after the employee responsible for writing the insulting phrase was told of his actions before blowing them off.   VISTA, Calif. – A woman who placed an order at a local Subway said she was left in tears after seeing what was marked on her order. […]

  The woman, who was never stopped by McDonald’s employees, even used the occasion to grab herself some ice cream and fries.   She’s not lovin’ it. Details are scarce about the video (shown above) of a topless woman in a thong who went on a rampage in what is purportedly a St. Petersburg, Fla. […]

  Late-night fast food favorite Taco Bell has turned over a new shell with Taco Bell Breakfast, available in restaurants nationwide as of 7 a.m. this morning. The breakfast menu, a first for the chain, will feature the Waffle Taco and all-in-one A.M. Crunchwrap, in addition to breakfast staples such as coffee, orange juice, tacos […]

  The teen got the unusual tattoo as a hobby that seemed fun, but is open to regretting the move as he gets older.   Optical illusion tattoos have been making the rounds online recently, but this viral ink job will really make your jaw drop. It’s not an MFA-designed masterpiece, but it is pretty […]

Bakers at Colozza’s Bakery in Parma have worked since 9 p.m. Monday in preparation for the Fat Tuesday crush of paczki-loving customers. The paczki looks like a donut without a hole but is richer and is filled with jam flavors, anything from lemon to chocolate to custard. READ MORE: Article and Picture Courtesy of […]

  With the Lenten season upon us, many parishes are offering special meals – including the ever-popular fish fry dinner. 19 Action News has complied a list of where you can find a fish meal this Lent. We are updating this list as we go, so if you don’t see your favorite location yet, check back! CLEVELAND St. Mel […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A fight for better pay. Fast food workers in Cleveland, and at least 100 other cities, are taking part in a major protest over wages. But some warn that more money may mean fewer jobs. Demonstrators rallied outside of a Memphis Avenue McDonald’s in Cleveland, calling for higher wagers. Workers nationwide want a […]