Chick-fil A has been in the news lately for health care, but while the ruckus was going on surrounding it, the privately held fast food company has been growing.

A new report by Janney Capital Markets calls Chick-fil A’s growth “legendary,” noting:

“Back in 1999, the category leader was … KFC, with 39.7% share. … Chick-fil-A’s market share was 8.7% … Fast-forward to the year 2013. … Chick-fil-A is the clear category leader with 26.3% share, several percentage points more than KFC’s 21.9%.”

And Chick-fil A did it all with fewer stores and fewer hours. But does this mean the anti-cow restaurant can grow even more from here?

​Media outlets seem to think it’s possible — spotlighting the idea that Chick-fil-A could outpace McDonald’s.



Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images and WEWS NewsChannel 5

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