When Starz ‘Power’ first rolled out, their was limited advertising, many learned about the premiering show from it’s leaving you wanting to see more YouTube trailer.   Other than Curtis ’50’ Jackson, you would have never thought that trailer would turn into a cult following.  Plus who watches ‘Starz’?   I’m sure viewership as well as streaming […]

2020 has been a historic year filled with a pandemic and social injustice protesting through out the world and as we kiss 2020 good bye 2020 has one more bit of sad news for the ladies before it left.  Female Starz ‘Power’ fans were in mourning when Dre got lit up in flames towards the […]

As we are still trying to figure of who shot Ghost and prepare our selves for the ending of ‘Power’ on Starz, creators 50 Cent and Courtney A. Kemp have been doing an amazing job of putting together a cast that is making ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ starring Mary J Blige, a highly anticipated sequel.  […]

Now that we all should have had the opportunity to watch the mid season 6 opener of Starz Power, I think it should be safe to talk about it and who’s next. Here’s the 6. 1 1, say what you want about 50 Cent but between him and Courtney Kemp they show know how to […]

Starz POWER season 6 is going out with a bang, at least to the original series, with the whole shooting of Ghost and the twisted reboot of Dallas’s ‘Who Shot JR’ story line. Little was known about ‘Who Shot Ghost’, as we all seen everyone that was walking to TRUTH (kind of symbolic, huh?), we […]

They say this is a big rich town but Ghost ran around yelling that ‘NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME’ while he was having conversations and taking advice from ghosts no it seems that Ghost got, got, now the burning question will be until January 5th is who shot Ghost and is the big homie […]

Grammy award winning Mary J Blige has poured her life’s story out in her music since day one allowing her fans follow her on a journey that some might say would make an excellent fictional read but for Mary J Blige her lyrical thesis was “My Life”.  A life that was not aways of the […]

Ever since Sunday morning at 12:05 am the great debatehas been which Starz Power theme opening is better, the one they used for 5 seasons featuring R&B singer Joe Thomas or the remix featuring Trey Songz. But appear there is a challenge going on and singer Tank has thrown his hat in the ring and […]

Starz Power has a cult like following even down to 50 Cent’s opening theme music. We were all given a surprise at 12:05 when the theme song from Power, Big Rich Town, had been switched up after 5 seasons. The huge social media debate has been which version was better. The original Big Rich Town […]

When season 5 of Starz Power ended we watched Ghost’s homeboy, Tommy, gun down his childhood sweetheart and our source of irritation Angela.  We didn’t if she was dead or alive, but if you see the high anticipated trailer for season 6 it looks like Angela may be dead and Ghost trying to become legit […]

We have had some great documentary’s being shown on television over the last couple years, so it’s only natural that the story of a mad talented teenager by the name of Jermaine Dupri’s vision of ‘So So Def’ be told as well. Power, Influence & Hip Hop: The Remarkable Rise of So So Def will premiere […]

The count down begins to Starz Power final season #FinalBetrayal, August 25, 2018