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'Power' Season Two Series Premiere

Source: D Dipasupil / Getty

Now that we all should have had the opportunity to watch the mid season 6 opener of Starz Power, I think it should be safe to talk about it and who’s next.

Here’s the 6. 1 1, say what you want about 50 Cent but between him and Courtney Kemp they show know how to keep you on the edge of your seat.  This weeks episode was titled “Still Dre”, which oddly started with him singing a gospel hymn to his daughter that seems to be the only person on this earth that he is truly loyal to.   Dre’s baby mama wants Dre to bounce with her to Vegas but unfortunately with all the dry snitching and conniving homeboy needed some cash to become a casino table dealer so he was forced to go where nobody seen coming his saved, blessed and highly favored mama.  His mama wasn’t too happy about not seeing him in years so when he asked mama for money and used his daughter, his mama’s granddaughter, that she didn’t know anything about her answer to him was hell to the naw you demon seed.   He later tried to B and E his mama for some old junk jewelry when we found out why Dre was such a messed up person when his mama basically said he was no good and she had him put in jail to try to save him.  Meanwhile, speaking of jail, Two Bit and Spank are in jail when they get a hit request from Ghost to take Dre out and Two Bit was all with it but he was starting to have so ill thoughts about Spank.  While that is going on Tate gives Dre a hit request to take out Ghost in the amount of $100 grand, giving him half up front so Dre was like cool.  Instead of back stabbing Tate, taking the $50 grand and heading to the desert, Dre decides to do the honorable thing and honor his contract but when he gets to TRUTH someone beat him to the punch so when he runs out of the building he runs into Angela 5.0 aka Detective Blanca Rodriguez.  Dre then knocks Rodriguez out jumps into the car, stops to get gas, learns that Ghost is dead, thinking he’s about to drive away into the sunset when Po Po rolls up on him.  Which lands him back in jail with his ex-homies that plan on canceling his check that his ass couldn’t cash.  Dre’s baby mama brings Dre’s mama to visit him, when he pleads with her that they will kill him in there if she doesn’t get him out, his mama say’s ‘sure’, and she is going to take good care of little Heaven.   Dre then picks a fight in jail to get thrown in solitary to by himself some time but Two Bit and his sidekick Spank decided to have a Bar-b-Que and turn Dre into bacon, giving us the Grand opening, Grand closing 📺 #MostHatedTVVillainOfOurGeneration

So we said all of that to say….Who’s next to take a dirt nap and who shot Ghost?


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