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Mary J. Blige Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

Grammy award winning Mary J Blige has poured her life’s story out in her music since day one allowing her fans follow her on a journey that some might say would make an excellent fictional read but for Mary J Blige her lyrical thesis was “My Life”.  A life that was not aways of the sunshine but one that came with pain as well.  She literally shared her world to get to the break through that came only by the strength of a woman that was in search of no more drama.  And when she found love and life is when the growing pains began.  And when it seemed like Mary J Blige’s life was going back to What’s The 411 is when the journey continued and Mary became once again a new.

Mary J Blige at 48 is now Academy Award nominated actress that came from under an Umbrella to let Power Book II be her next chapter.

Does Mary J Blige have any regrets?  Yes, giving credit were none was due by publicly thanking her ex-husband Kendu Issacs for helping her end her drug addiction.

Congratulations to a real boss for getting rid of a self-serving, toxic employee so that she could get back to the person who can best take care of Mary J Blige…herself.

Check out the photos that Mary J. Blige shared on her social media from the cover of Self Magazine ,   plus the 50 Cent sneak preview of Mary J Blige being the leading lady in spin off of POWER below

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