Power Press Photo: James St. Patrick

Source: Starz press photo / Starz

When season 5 of Starz Power ended we watched Ghost’s homeboy, Tommy, gun down his childhood sweetheart and our source of irritation Angela.  We didn’t if she was dead or alive, but if you see the high anticipated trailer for season 6 it looks like Angela may be dead and Ghost trying to become legit is going to get him killed because he doesn’t appear to have not one single solitary person riding with him, not even his own family.

Judging by the trailer it looks like Tommy and Keisha are the new Ghost and Tasha (without the mental game), more like a modern day era Bonnie and Clyde.  Tariq is officially a back stabbing thug, Andre is a snitch and Tasha is pissed that she is losing everything because her man decided he would rather be known as James than Ghost.  Sounds crazy, right?

Whether or not this will be the last season of ‘POWER’ we still are not clear but what we do know is that none of us can’t wait for The Final Betrayal to start August 25th!!

Check out the official trailer for season 6 of Starz ‘POWER’ below

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