Spoiler Warning: We have all had a chance to see the series finale of Starz Power this past weekend and we all now know that Tariq killed his daddy and Tasha covered it up, but at the end of the series finale we also seen who still has a job, at-least in the wonderful world […]

50 Cent and Courtney Kemp created a television series that now has a cult like following that is winding down to it’s series finale #WhoShotGhost with 2 episodes left.  But the cult like fans of the Starz television show maybe displaying signs of being in it too deep and are having trouble separating reality from […]

Starz Power addicts took naps so they could watch Starz Power at 12:05 am Sunday morning on their app or on-demand, and this week they got a pleasant surprise. For those that are watching tonight we will keep the spoilers light. First off the protest over the ‘Power’ theme, ‘Big Rich Town’ with people going […]

Ever since Sunday morning at 12:05 am the great debatehas been which Starz Power theme opening is better, the one they used for 5 seasons featuring R&B singer Joe Thomas or the remix featuring Trey Songz. But appear there is a challenge going on and singer Tank has thrown his hat in the ring and […]

When season 5 of Starz Power ended we watched Ghost’s homeboy, Tommy, gun down his childhood sweetheart and our source of irritation Angela.  We didn’t if she was dead or alive, but if you see the high anticipated trailer for season 6 it looks like Angela may be dead and Ghost trying to become legit […]

Dre might not get killed off of Power after all, well until 50 Cent has another bad day and trip’s on him. 50 Cent rained on Rotimi parade and went live to say that he owed him $300K after Rotimi said his album is now number 1 on the Billboard charts.  Then Rotimi went live […]

By BridgetEE BlogHouse  <img class=” wp-image-4064378 aligncenter” src=”https://globalgrind.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2015/02/14248974266855.jpg?w=663&h=903″ alt=”Empire TV Show” width=”663″ height=”903″ /> With season two of the hit Starz drama series Power coming to a close, and the dawning of season two of FOX’s Empire on the horizon, let’s break down whether these shows are really the same and who really is the best. […]