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50 Cent and Courtney Kemp created a television series that now has a cult like following that is winding down to it’s series finale #WhoShotGhost with 2 episodes left.  But the cult like fans of the Starz television show maybe displaying signs of being in it too deep and are having trouble separating reality from television drama as they are going a little too far by inserting themselves in to the cast and threatening the life of Tariq St. Patrick via Michael Rainey Jr.’s DM’s.

Two of the most hated characters on Starz Power , well that were still living in season six, was Andre and Tariq.  Andre went down in a ball of flames in episode 11 but now it is being reported that fans want the same for Tariq however instead writing into the show or having fun emoji fights on Twitter, Tariq who’s real name, in real life, is Michael Rainy Jr. is reporting that ‘Power’ fans are sliding into his DM’s with death threats in the amount of 326 messages according to the Starz Power stars IG post.

We love the show family but staying in reality is a must.

See Michael Rainey Jr.’s post below

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