'Power' New York Premiere

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

Starz Power addicts took naps so they could watch Starz Power at 12:05 am Sunday morning on their app or on-demand, and this week they got a pleasant surprise.

For those that are watching tonight we will keep the spoilers light.

First off the protest over the ‘Power’ theme, ‘Big Rich Town’ with people going off on social media with which was better the remix with Trey Songz or the original with Joe Thomas and the fans outcry for satisfaction, was won by the one’s that wanted the original. Season six episode 3 went back to the original ‘Big Rich Town’ and social media has been bobbin their heads with joy ever since 12:05 this morning.

Secondly rapper/executive producer Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson made his directorial debut in season 6 episode 3 and he did a bang up job!! Literally!!

And we will leave that tid bit right there for those of you that are still waiting for it to come on tonight.

Congratulations to 50 Cent on a phenomenal directorial debut. Check out 50 Cents posts below

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