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Source: Courtesy of Starz / Courtesy of Starz

Starz Power has a cult like following even down to 50 Cent’s opening theme music. We were all given a surprise at 12:05 when the theme song from Power, Big Rich Town, had been switched up after 5 seasons.

The huge social media debate has been which version was better.

The original Big Rich Town was 50 Cent and the singer Joe (All Things Your Man Won’t Do). The new Big Rich Town remix features Trey Songz and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. And the debate has gotten so heated that the perspective entertainers in each version has gotten in on the battle.  And 50 is threatening to open up the show with no music at all, but it seems like Joe fans are winning and the song may be switching back.

Check out the Big Rich Town debate from it’s perspective corners below, then tell us what your favorite version is.

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