Trey Songz allegedly assaulted two people at a bowling alley in New York City earlier this year. This morning he turned himself into the NYPD. In October, Trey reportedly sent one person to the hospital after the attack. This apparently happened inside the bathroom, where he’s said to have ‘punched the woman repeatedly’, and then […]

Not taking a page from our presidents playbook R&B singer Trey Songz has spilled his own tea in a video he posted on Instagram about testing positive for COVID-19 along with an important message about being responsible in the midst of a pandemic. According to Trey Songz he has tested many times before because he […]

The ladies are not finding R&B singer/crooner Trey Songz very sexy today after sent everyone into an uproar over his latest Instagram meme post.  Well, maybe just the women born after 1993 aren’t finding him sexy. Trey Songz had been a little low-key lately after having a baby and sexual assault allegations.  But evidently something […]

Just when Trey Songz thought it was safe to come out in chill from being beat out by Joe for the <em><strong>POWER Big Rich Town</strong> </em>opening, and simply just be Tremaine Neverson the father. According to reports Trey Songz invited a woman from Georgia, who is being referred to Jane Doe to a New Years Eve […]

Ever since Sunday morning at 12:05 am the great debatehas been which Starz Power theme opening is better, the one they used for 5 seasons featuring R&B singer Joe Thomas or the remix featuring Trey Songz. But appear there is a challenge going on and singer Tank has thrown his hat in the ring and […]

Starz Power has a cult like following even down to 50 Cent’s opening theme music. We were all given a surprise at 12:05 when the theme song from Power, Big Rich Town, had been switched up after 5 seasons. The huge social media debate has been which version was better. The original Big Rich Town […]

I guess Trey Songz has been singing ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ to someone privately, but the wait is over. Congratulations are in order as it was reported via his own social media, that 34 year old Tremaine Neverson, AKA singer Trey Songz, has welcomed into the world a baby boy named Noah. Take a look […]

Well, that didn’t go as planned. Megan Thee Stallion’s star is on the rise and while she’s demonstrated she’s more than capable of gripping the mic, her physical degree has had men across the board getting hot and bothered. Well, Trey Songz decided to jump out the window first and recently shot his shot without blatantly […]

Today on the Sam SYlk show the GREAT debate that has gone viral all over social media is, who’s really the KING of R&B? Answer the poll below:

The singer may face charges.   Trey Songz is allegedly making hits outside of the studio, according to a new report. The “Slow Motion” singer, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, has been accused of punching a woman during an NBA All-Star weekend party, TMZ reported Wednesday. Reportedly, Trey was in his feelings about the woman talking to another man at the party […]


Last week actress KeKe Palmer and R&B star Trey Songz got into a heated battle of words over a video appearance, and in the days following things have taken a very serious turn complete with threats of legal action. Apparently, Trey Songz was filming a music video for his new single “Pick Up The Phone” […]

The singer claims she was unlawfully included in his new music video, that she thought was just a house party.