In Michigan, Michael John Frederick Jr.confessed to “shooting at Eddie Hall’s truck, committing a separate shooting at the home, vandalizing the man’s pickup truck, slashing the tires, and smashing the home window with a rock in attacks across Sept. 7, 9, and 10 in 2020.  He painted all kinds of hate messages and swastika on […]

The verdict is in murder was the case that they gave ex-police officer Amber Guyger for shooting and killing Botham Jean, a man who was sitting in his own home when Guyger allegedly mistakenly entered Jean’s home on the wrong floor (allegedly believing it was hers). A jury found Amber Guyger guilty and the thought was […]

On Sunday Kandi took to Instagram to react to a fan who defended her decision to continue to hold a grudge towards Porsha. According to Kandi and the fan, there’s no set timeline for forgiveness. “For those who watch #RHOA & say I should just get over the false accusations that Porsha said about me […]

Pope Francis is allowing Catholic priests to absolve the “horrendous crime” of abortion, extending special permission he granted clerics last year for the Holy Year of Mercy. “I want to insist as firmly as I can that abortion is a grave sin because it puts an end to an innocent life,” the pope said, according to Vatican […]

The Georgia parents who say their sons attempted to kill them two weeks ago are now standing by the boys who allegedly drugged and attacked their own mother and father. Yvonne and Zachery Ervin were stabbed and brutally beaten in their Atlanta home on Sept. 5. The boys — Christopher, 22 and Cameron, 17 — […]

  CHARDON, Ohio – One of the three women held captive in a U.S. home for about a decade told a crowd she has been able to forgive her kidnapper and find peace in her life. Michelle Knight, who was kidnapped in August 2002 when she was 21, said she realizes now that Ariel Castro […]

  *Want some insight on forgiveness? On Tuesday’s “NewsNation” on MSNBC, New York Times bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant tells substitute host Richard Lui that if … “you don’t forgive and stay stuck in whatever trauma – you eliminate the capacity to make powerful choices… and you stay stuck to the person that wronged you because […]

Janet Hubert, the actress who played the original Aunt Vivian on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” but was replaced after three seasons, says she’s tired of feuding and wants to patch things up with Will Smith. In the wide-ranging interview with above, Hubert explains the details surrounding her departure from the series and concedes […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Is Art Modell a Hall of Famer?  You won’t find many Clevelanders boosting his case. “Who’s that? I have no idea who he is. He’s dead to me,” said John McGovern. The fact that Modell passed away in September may give his case some momentum. Add to that the fact that The Ravens are […]

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Browns plan to hold a tribute to former owner Art Modell at Sunday’s game, the team said Friday. Modell died Thursday at 87 in Baltimore, Md. Many speculated Thursday that the Browns would not do anything at the game, due to the potential of backlash from fans still angry about Modell […]

CHARLOTTE – Former Browns owner Art Modell is remembered at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Delegates got word of Modell’s passing during Thursday morning’s Ohio Delegation Breakfast. Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland said he didn’t know Modell personally, but is saddened to hear of his death. “For someone who has such a personal persona, I […]

CLEVELAND – It’s a tale of two cities. One is mourning the loss of a man who brought the beloved game of football back to its city. Another is celebrating  the end of what many consider to be a two decades-long curse on its current franchise. Across the country, many sports fans are mourning the […]