Amber Guyger-Botham Jean

Source: NewsOne composite / NewsOne composite

The verdict is in murder was the case that they gave ex-police officer Amber Guyger for shooting and killing Botham Jean, a man who was sitting in his own home when Guyger allegedly mistakenly entered Jean’s home on the wrong floor (allegedly believing it was hers).

A jury found Amber Guyger guilty and the thought was ‘thank you, justice has been served, however yesterday the sentencing has a lot of people outraged.  The guilty verdict carried the possibility of 5 years to life without the possibility of parole.  What Amber Guyger received was a 10 year sentence along with the presiding Judge Tammy Kemp, coming down from her chair to hug and give Guyger her personal Bible.

In fairness Judge Tammy Kemp did embrace Botham Jean’s mother first, before embracing Amber Guyer.

Botham Jean’s brother, Brandt Jean, then asked Judge Kemp if he too could hug Amber Guyger, as Jean and Guyger embraced while sobbing he offered Guyger well wishes although she had taken away his brother whom was simply at home watching television while eating ice-cream.

The whole scene of forgiveness with little sentence has left many perturb as well as, with some divided, questioning, should a woman that has not taken any accountability for actions nor asked for forgiveness be shown forgiveness?  Doesn’t the Bible teach to forgive?  Is it up to us to forgive?  Can you forgive someone that doesn’t feel they did anything to be forgiven for?  Do you think it was a mistake?

Check out Roland Martin’s as well as other reactions to the Amber Guyger sentencing in the video below, then give us your thoughts on forgiveness as well as Amber Guygers sentence in the comments below.