After a rocky off screen of FOX Empire season 5, last nights season finale because of the prior 3 episodes and Jamal’s wedding ended up being the perfect storm for Jussie Smollett to get ship wrecked and lost at sea like Gilligan. According to FOX Empire’s Showrunner Brett Mahoney: “Had the wedding episode hit in […]

The multifaceted comedian, actor, executive producer, CP, stopped by The Sam Sylk Show, to give Sam Sylk the 411 about life after season one of FOX Empire, having actor Malik Yoba as a mentor and wanting to follow in Eddie Murphy’s foot steps, but not just for comedy.  He also shared which shocking episode of Empire […]

In the wake of the Jussie Smollett drama that has been going on, FOX Empire premiered last night and to everyones surprise their ratings dipped 13%. Ironically enough the spring premiere of Empire might have been overshadowed by Jussie Smollett appearing in court asking the judge to allow cameras in the court room then pleading […]

The world was delivered shocking news yesterday afternoon as it was reported that FOX Empire star Jussie Smollett is viciously attacked while leaving his apartment in Chicago going to get something to eat by two men yelling racial an homophobic slurs. The men proceeded to beat Smollett, pour a chemical on his face and then […]

FOX Empire’s Taraji  p. Henson put all her cookie’s in the oven for her annual “Taraji White Hot Holiday” which aired last night on Fox. Taraji  P. Henson a real “Around The Way Girl”, if you read her book, heart touches all that she comes in contact with. Which is why her Holiday special included […]

Forget about the saying “made for TV” this joint right here was made for a “GRAMMY”!! Just in case you missed this weeks Fox Empire, Mariah Carey joined the cast/show as a singer named Kitt. The story here though isn’t her acting, but the duet that she performed with Jussie Smollett AKA Jamal Lyon. The […]

If you missed last nights episode of FOX Empire, here is the quick run down: Lucious put his heart and soul into the musical production side of the ASA awards. But the Lyon’s family personal dirt continues to spiral out of control. Grandma Walker says that Lucious is a liar and wants to attend the […]

Congratulations are in order, FOX EMPIRES, Trai Byers  (Andre Lyons) and Grace Gealey  (Anika AKA Boo Boo Kitty) were officially married  this weekend in a private ceremony. See Video Below

  Trai Byers broke his norm and took to his social media to address the rumors about his not being happy with his role as Andre on FOX Empire. He said he loves Empire and see you for season 3. Check out the post below…

We have been feening to know if Boo Boo Kitty had finally flipped her wig and pushed poor little Andre’s pregnant wife down the the steps during the FALL season finale of FOX Empire.  Is she dead?  Is the baby dead? Or are they both dead? Will Cookie whoop Hakeem’s spoiled going thru some punked […]

By BridgetEE BlogHouse  <img class=” wp-image-4064378 aligncenter” src=”″ alt=”Empire TV Show” width=”663″ height=”903″ /> With season two of the hit Starz drama series Power coming to a close, and the dawning of season two of FOX’s Empire on the horizon, let’s break down whether these shows are really the same and who really is the best. […]