friends with benefits

    It’s getting colder out and making your way to a party or club isn’t as appealing in the winter as it is in the summer. And for those who like to hibernate, cuffing season is now in full effect. Cuffing season, as most would say, is the sudden urge to have a special […]

The Benefits of Having A Lot of Female Friends by Rich Santos, Marie Claire, on Mon Oct 3, 2011 8:58am PDT Throughout my life, I’ve learned the importance and value of female advice and input for a few reasons: I grew up with sisters I went to a co-ed school I have a hard time […]

Can Women Have Sex Like Men? By GalTimer Lynn Redd   I’ve been enjoying some reruns from good ol’ Sex and the City. In an episode of season 1, Carrie asks an important question, “Can women have sex like men?” I’m biased about this question, but this is the answer I get from most women: If men can […]

Why You Should Answer Your Next Booty Call user by TresSugar, on Thu Aug 5, 2010 3:11pm PDT 27 Comments Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse The booty call, which Science Daily takes the time to define as “late-night calls to arrange a sexual rendezvous,” are finally being recognized by […]