The Joe Biden administration is calling for a Diddy to produce a REMIX, Now, what y’all want to do Want to be ballers, shot callers, brawlers, see Harriet Tubman’s image on a $20 dollar. It’s all about The Tubman’s baby ♫ The idea of Harriet Tubman’s image being placed on currency has been talked about for […]

After her newly released Queen album debuted at No. 2, Nicki Minaj went on an excuse-laden Twitter rant in which she blamed Spotify, Travis Scott, and his infant daughter for her lackluster sales. The 35-year-old rapper could’ve easily stopped there, but Nicki, being the outspoken rapper she is, had to remind everyone about her influence in the game. She even went […]

New York City's Swann Galleries will auction the newly discovered image of the heroic abolitionist on March 30.

Women’s History Month is winding down but the stars of Underground are still celebrating it. On the show this season, actress Aisha Hinds plays Harriet Tubman, the iconic woman who brought hundreds of slaves to freedom. Aisha talked about playing the role and other cast members share their favorite women of history. Check it out […]

This is exactly what we didn’t need on the first day of February.   Today marks the first day of Black History Month and President Donald Trump commemorated the occasion with some rather interesting statements. During a Wednesday morning roundtable discussion flanked by Omarosa Manigault and Ben Carson, Trump mentioned Frederick Douglass, a leading historical figure, saying he […]

Steve King hopes his addendum will be attached to a wider bill that addresses overall Treasury funding.


According to Richard Baird, an advisor for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, the city of Flint might be $28 million short in funds to remove the old lead-contaminated water lines. On Friday, Baird said the budget has risen from $27 million to $55 million. “Where we have lead lines or other non-lead lines that are unsafe, they […]

Harriet Tubman has been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

Now that legendary singer Prince has passed on, many people are wondering who will inherit his fortune. Although the artist was very proactive about handling legal matters surrounding the rights to his music, there’s no word on whether he had a will. Prince never conceived any children, both of his parents have passed away, and he […]

(RNN) – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce Wednesday that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20, and Alexander Hamilton will remain on the $10. Treasury Department officials told multiple news outlets Lew will also announce changes to the $5 bill to depict civil rights-era leaders. New bills may not arrive until […]

You haven’t heard the true story of Harriet Tubman until you’ve watched Comedy Central’s Drunk History segment with Crissle West and Octavia Spencer. Curated by comedian Derek…

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