The 29-year-old political fraud is even being slammed by conservative outlets. It would be like a hug from baby Jesus if Candace Owens’ career was demolished after her recent comments about Hitler. The 29-year-old political farce, who was part of a Trump-bashing site just a few years ago, is saying her comments that went viral yesterday were taken out […]

“I don’t care if the whole group says something; I’m going to be honest. I know I don’t have the most popular opinion sometimes,” Erykah Badu said during an interview with Vulture that left me wondering if years of breathing in incense fumes could cause brain damage, because these opinions of hers are problematic, to […]

The internet’s biggest bully seems to have met his match! Perez Hilton gave Black Twitter a reason to come for him when he likened Black women to Hilter, saying, “Some present logical arguments, but then Hitler attempted to justify the holocaust too.” Confused? Yeah I was too. This whole mess started when Hilton tweeted a […]

CLEVELAND – A controversial teakettle which some say looks like Adolf Hitler has become a hot seller. The kettle sold at JC Penney was designed by Michael Graves and meant to boost the company’s poor sales. As of Thursday morning, the teakettle has sold out online. An eBay customer paid nearly $200 for one, which […]

Poor JC Penney just can’t catch a break. This time, some are accusing it of using Adolf Hitler’s image to boost sales. Two weeks after a consumer investigation found some Penney’s stores placing new higher priced stickers on merchandise, then having a sale on the new higher prices, the troubled chain is now the subject […]