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The internet’s biggest bully seems to have met his match! Perez Hilton gave Black Twitter a reason to come for him when he likened Black women to Hilter, saying, “Some present logical arguments, but then Hitler attempted to justify the holocaust too.” Confused? Yeah I was too. This whole mess started when Hilton tweeted a video of actress and comedian, Pia Glenn’s Weekend Update, saying, “Inside every gay man is a fierce Black woman!” Everything was fine until…

Twitter hopped on Perez, claiming that his statement about Black women living inside of gay men was “dehumanizing” and “ignorant,” Hilton tried his best to justify his statement, claiming he was giving Black women props and ultimately stated that he’s not sorry for what he said:

“I AM genuinely hurt/saddened. Go back to your superiority complex and overreacting,”

“I didn’t attack. They did,”

“The whole overreaction has really bummed me out. :-(,” “

I only apologize in life if it’s with sincerity. I’m not sorry,”

“I’m not racist,”

“They should probably just ignore me and/or stop reading my tweets then.”

Personally, Hilton’s statement is something I’ve always said. As a Black woman with a bevy of gay male counterparts, we often joke about which came first–the gay or the sassy Black woman. And I know I’m not alone, celebrity blogger, Necole Bitchie even RT’ed Hilton! I wouldn’t call him a racist, but I would call him insensitive for the sake of being shocking.

After hours of tweeting back and forth with his critics, Hilton then responded to one Tweeter in particular, making the bold statement that loosely compared Black women to Hitler: “Some present logical arguments, but then Hitler attempted to justify the holocaust too.” That statement was bold, even for the celebrity blogger who’s known for taking below-the-belt shots at anyone he’s reporting on. Black Twitter isn’t buying Hilton’s explanation:

Sucks to have the tables turned, huh, Perez?

What do you beauties think about Perez Hilton’s bold statements?



Article Courtesy of Hello Beautiful and The D.L. Hughley Show

Pictures Courtesy of Twitter, Hello Beautiful and The D.L. Hughley Show

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