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10 Tips For The First Time You Cook Them Dinner by HowAboutWe, on Fri Oct 7, 2011 12:29pm PDT by Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress for HowAboutWe Whether you’re a guy or a girl, inviting a date back to your place at 7pm (rather than 3am) can be both an exhilarating and intimidating experience. Dining […]

The 7 “Real” Reasons He Didn’t Call You Back by HowAboutWe, 22 hours ago by Scott Alden for HowAboutWe Anybody who dates guys knows this story: You go out on a first date, you seem to click, he never calls. Related: 5 Ways To Tell It’s Time To Stop Sleeping With Your Ex Countless attempts […]

78% Of Women Polled Would Give A Lap Dance by Scott Alden for HowAboutWe We recently asked you ladies about the likelihood of you performing a lapdance and the overwhelming majority of you responded that, in the right situation, you’d be down. See that big, beautiful blue Pac-Man? That represents the almost 8 in 10 […]

The 9 Types Of Pre-Exclusive Relationships     by Scott Alden for HowAboutWe  One of the most frequently asked questions in the world of dating has got to be “If they’re not your significant other, then what the hell are they?” Well, pre-exclusive relationships (or PXRs) don’t have to be a frustrating grey area anymore. […]

The Tell-Tale Signs Of A Pick-Up Artist By Chiara Atik for A pick-up artist is a guy who is interested in one thing and one thing only: picking up women. Not a relationship, not a date, not even necessarily you: these guys are on the hunt for women’s numbers. These guys are encouraged to […]

8 Things About Sexting That Actually Turn Women On by Scott Alden for HowAboutWe   In the wake of “Weinergate,” men sending “erotic” pictures of themselves is, once again, a subject of much controversy in the media. And by “controversy,” I mean the entirety of the internet saying “Ewwwww!” and giggling for two weeks. The […]