Fans of Joseline’s Cabaret got an eye full during the latest episode of the reality television series. The self-appointed “Puerto Rican Princess” has been known to show a little skin in the past, but this go round, Joseline Hernandez took it all off in an uncensored scene that quickly began trending on Twitter. Watch Joseline bare […]

If there is anyone who knows how to play the game of reality TV, it’s defintely Mrs. Leakes.   In the world of reality TV one thing is certain, it’s a cutthroat world where only the strongest and smartest survive. One of its biggest success stories however is NeNe Leakes, the former (and now current) […]

It’s all been going down in the Gram !! Last night Joseline Hernandez went on Instagram Live to tell people to get ready she was going to spill the tea on Mona and how she treats her people. Joseline was urging people to get their recording gear together and let Oprah know that she was […]

“The Real” just got a little too ratchet for Christian viewers, which is why some are expressing their disappointment in the producers as well as its Christian co-hosts. When the daytime talker welcomed this week’s guest host “Love & Hip Hop” reality star Joseline Hernandez, her sex talk went way too far over the edge […]

Love and Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez has given birth to a baby girl. Joseline staying true to her reality status gave birth live via her Instagram. If you missed it, the video will be a part of Joseline’s daughters own reality show “Special Delivery”. But even more interestingly, after the drama of her […]

We can always count on Joseline Hernandez to turn up, turn up.

      We pick back up this week with Jessica Dime confronting Joseline at the studio. They start up again with the same stupid argument about whether they were actually friends or not back in Miami. Jessica claims that Joseline “drank from the fountain of Dime,”


You can always count on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for a good love triangle and that was the crux of this week’s episode. Here…


We’re only three episodes deep in season four of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, and the drama is already at As the World Turns Status. Erica’s…