Joseline Hernandez Birthday Bash Day Party

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It’s all been going down in the Gram !!

Last night Joseline Hernandez went on Instagram Live to tell people to get ready she was going to spill the tea on Mona and how she treats her people. Joseline was urging people to get their recording gear together and let Oprah know that she was ready to talk in 5 minutes…However the Puerto Rican Princess never came back… until this morning, and it appears she is still steaming at Mona Scott. Joseline Hernandez has left a warning post for Mona Scott on her Instagram. Joseline say’s her and Stevie J are a package deal and for Mona to give Joseline her bag.

Fast forwarding to now, The Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, appears to have had enough of Mona Scott. Joseline has been asking for her bag for almost 24 hrs now, and obviously hasn’t got it. Joseline was posting hashtag expletives to, Mona Scott Young, producer of LHHATL all day and now she says she quit. However, this is after Stevie J posted that he and Mona were now business partners (he has since removed the post). Check out Joseline’s posts below.

But more importantly do you think Joseline really quit and can LHHATL survive without Joseline Hernandez?

Joseline Hernandez VS Mona Scott Young
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