Kendu Issacs

Kendu Issacs has allegedly claimed that his divorce from Mary J. Blige is not only keeping him from getting a job, but it has also made him sick, literally, to the point where he has been hospitalized. However someone in Mary’s camp is allegedly coming to the defense of Mary J. Blige and saying hospitalized yeah […]

Right as she is gearing up to release her new album, Mary J. Blige has also found herself in the middle of a divorce, one that appears to be getting messier by the day. Not only has the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul decided to end her long marriage to her former manager Kendu Issacs, but […]

Here’s why it doesn’t pay to have a husband/manager. Mary J. Blige once said in an interview that it was difficult on their (hers and Kendu’s) relationship being in dual roles. It wasn’t like you could have a bad day at work, then leave work at the office. Why? Because the office lived in your […]

What happened to the Mary J Blige famed for diva behavior? Answer: she got clean, sober and found love. What are the benefits of marrying one’s manager, I ask. “He always has my back – he’s going to fight to the death for Mary J Blige. The downside is that there’s no separation – it’s […]