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Here’s why it doesn’t pay to have a husband/manager. Mary J. Blige once said in an interview that it was difficult on their (hers and Kendu’s) relationship being in dual roles. It wasn’t like you could have a bad day at work, then leave work at the office. Why? Because the office lived in your house and slept in your bed (to paraphrase). Now it appears that this couple, that was once “one” on several accords, are now severing their cords altogether.

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So what about the dual role? Well….

It’s being reported that Kendu Issacs is seeking financial support from his estranged wife/client singer Mary J. Blige during their split. (see video below)

The question is, should she have too? Or, should he get a job? Or, go back to the job he had before he met her?

You are now the court of public opinion, judge and jury. Give us your verdict in the poll below.

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