What did your parents used to tell you back in the day?  ‘If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all’ a forgotten lesson that is going to cost Brooklyn Net’s star Kevin Durant $25,000. For the life of me I can’t figure out why people pay good money for entertainment but then […]

It has been reported that four members of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets have been “tested positive” for COVID-19. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN took to Twitter to break the news: With the team being told to stay “isolated,” one player’s name has been revealed to be among the four. That would be Kevin Durant, according to […]

Game five of the NBA Finals was a barn burner that went down to the wire with both the Golden State Warriors and the hosting Toronto Raptors going to blows in a quest for victory. With his squad facing elimination, Kevin Durant made a valiant return to the court on Monday (June 10) but suffered […]

With the Lakers season over, exit interviews done and, uh, Magic Johnson gone, LeBron James can officially turn his attention to his summer projects. The biggest of those is Space Jam 2, which is due out in a couple of years and is supposed to begin filming this summer. One of the biggest issues for LeBron […]

The Cavaliers tried to take the era of “super teams” to the next level as Cleveland reportedly worked hard to recruit Kevin Durant before he signed to the Warriors. According to ESPN, Cleveland’s general manager David Griffin put all his focus into courting Kevin Durant during the 2016 summer. This urgency came from the growing possibility that KD would leave the Thunder and join […]

Draymond Green says reports about an alleged fight between him and Tristan Thompson following this year’s ESPY’s is simply not true. Cleveland fans have even gone as far as to plan a parade in honor of Thompson’s alleged punch. According to initial reports, before Green’s alleged violent confrontation with Thompson … the NBA star was partying with LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Draymond […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett said Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant broke the league. Garrett said these comments when he was on the Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima. The Ken Carman Show posted his quote on Twitter. Garrett noted Durant joining the Warriors was different than James joining […]

Colin Kaepernick has been out of a job for quite some time, but the controversial former NFL quarterback hasn’t left the public eye. Nor has he neglected to honor his philanthropic #MillionDollarPledge to donate $1 million to charitable causes, despite losing his primary form of income. By teaming up with famous friends like Sean “Diddy” Combs (AKA “Love“) and Stephen […]

When it comes to Colin Kaepernick, if you thought George Foreman was a hater, you’re right. On top of that, he said not only was Kaepernick not a patriot, neither is Kevin Durant. Foreman, 68, was on the “Offended America” podcast and said that that people like Kaepernick, who refuse to stand for the national anthem, are just looking […]

The basketball superstar and reigning NBA Finals MVP calls Trump racially divisive.   Another Black professional athlete is openly criticizing President Donald Trump for asserting a moral equivalence between White supremacists and anti-racism counterprotesters for the violence in Charlotteville. ESPN reports that Kevin Durant won’t visit the White House if the NBA champion Golden State Warriors receive the traditional invitation to meet […]

Oklahoma City didn’t take it very well when Kevin Durant bolted last July for California, joining the record-setting Golden State Warriors. Though Durant spent 10 excellent years with the Sonics/Thunder organization, the folks in Oklahoma City were quiiite salty when he left. His jerseys started selling for 48 cents. Then, when he returned to OKC […]

Kevin Durant and LeBron James may be adversaries on the court in the 2017 NBA Finals, but the two have a great deal of mutual respect for each other and are friendly off the court, which comes as a surprise to no one. However, what is news is that there is reportedly a lost rap […]