Nicole Murphy opened up Pandora’s box when she kissed her “friend” film director Antoine Fuqua who is married to actress Lela Rochon, wife of 20 years (who is also her friend…allegedly). Now instead of being on her old reality show ‘Hollywood Exes’ it looks like we have a ‘Waiting to Exhale’ reboot in the making. […]

The internet has been on fire after photo’s of Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua circulated of them kissing while in Naples, Italy for the 2019 Ischia Global Film & Music Festival. The problem with that is film director Antoine Fuqua is married to actress Lela Rochon who is most notably know for her role as […]

Nicole Murphy And Antoine Fuqua: Is There Ever A Good Excuse For Friends To Kiss? Ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy, and director Antoine Fuqua husband of actress Lela Rochon were on a trip in Naples, Italy for the 2019 Ischia Global Film & Music Festival when paparazzi caught locking lips…allegedly, and there are pictures to prove it. […]

This writer has a big problem. The guy she’s dating doesn’t want to kiss! Yeah we know – crazy. Listen to the audio player to…

Oh snap! If Benetton hoped its new ad campaign would generate buzz, mission accomplished! The fashion label’s “Unhate” campaign features pics of world leaders, digitally altered of course, making out! The pics make it look like they’re kissing each other. President Obama, for example, is lip-locked with China’s Hu Jintao and, separately, Hugo Chavez. Other […]

Pucker up! Kissing has great benefits by The_Stir, on Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:53am PDT Kissing Folks go ga-ga over gettin’ it in. Smashin’. Knockin’ boots. Getting busy. Bumpin’ and grindin’. Dancing the horizontal cha-cha. Doing the nasty. Or, for you more traditional types, engaging in sexual intercourse. And yes, there is something to be […]

15 Good Reasons To Make Out With Someone By Chiara Atik for HowAboutWe When should you make out with someone? Whenever you want to! But also: 1. Because he or she is really hot, and you can forsee telling your friends “Oh, we made out once.” with extreme pride. 2. Because the conversation isn’t actually […]

Help Him Be a Better Kisser!   By Marianne Beach, Imagine–you think you’ve found the perfect guy. He’s got the looks, the great job, the sparkling personality–but when you lock lips for the first time, he turns out to be a complete dead fish. What’s a girl to do? Focus on the positives? Run […]

A Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss: The Science of Sex user by DivineCaroline   A Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss: The Science of Sex Pecking, smooching, Frenching, and playing tonsil-hockey—there are as many names for kissing as there are ways to do it. Whether we use it as an informal greeting or an intensely romantic […]