As the family of Rodney Todd prepares to lay the father and his seven children to rest this weekend following a tragic carbon monoxide accident in Princess Anne, Md., a family member has opened up toNewsOne about their loss, the odd exit of the Princess Anne police chief during the height of the investigation, and the […]

  *Good grief! Terrence Howard is being bad again. It was just last week that his ex-wife accused him of beating her up. Now, the pretty boy actor is being fitted for a suit by his landlord. Actually, that would be his former landlord ’cause “The Butler” star has been evicted, reports TMZ. According to […]

  Kenya Moore is mad! According to TMZ Kenya is claiming that she did in fact pay her May rent on time and she even paid…

LORAIN, Ohio – A Columbia Station man is facing charges in Lorain for menacing after entering his tennant’s home without permission.