Governor Mike DeWine was very proactive in shutting down and sheltering in, despite what the Commander and Chief living on Pennsylvania avenue was doing in his message at the time.  Governor Mike DeWine heading into the war on the COVID-19 pandemic chose at that moment not to be a Republican or a Democrat but rather […]

Shouts-out to a Cleveland based company that isn’t taking our front-line health care workers issues and concerns about their safety while they battle the Coronavirus pandemic laying down. Naturepedic, a local company located in Chagrin Falls, is an organic mattress and bedding manufacturer, who changed production last month to design sustainable organic, nontoxic cotton face […]

(RNN) – Target announced Monday that it will stop selling clown masks in the wake of the countless creepy clown sightings that have bedeviled America. With Halloween just around the corner, the masks will no longer be available online nor in the brick-and-mortar Targets, said company spokesman Joshua Thomas. The retail giant made the call out of […]