Bobby Brown To Release New Double Album In The Summer!

From MSNBC: Many of us read our horoscopes everyday. But now, it turns out, you may be reading the wrong sign. A shift in the sky over the millenniums altered your zodialogical sign.

Michael Jackson left a legacy that many of us would have loved to mimic. Now, children across the world could possibly have the chance to learn just as he did years ago.

Revelations earlier in the week that Pastor Cedric Miller had a three-way affair with a church worker 10 years ago hasn’t weakened his resolve to get church leaders to sign off on their Facebook accounts permanently.

We want to say happy birthday to all of our Gemini’s who have Birthdays coming up. Quickie Try harder to connect with a difficult family member. The extra effort is worth it. Overview You’re quite a cerebral, intellectual creature, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any feelings — just that you’re better at keeping […]