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Toni Braxton married Mint Condition’s then-keyboardist, Keri Lewis, in 2001 but they separated in 2009. Just when fans thought there was hope for reconciliation, they continued on with their divorce and it was finalized in 2013. Now that they’ve moved on with their lives, new details about some of the behind-the-scenes drama has surfaced Mint Condition’s lead singer, Stokley Williams, […]

Yassss!! The King’s of Independent artists is final getting their just due recognition for all their hard work. St. Paul, Minneapolis very own Mint Condition, a band that has stayed true to their original format, “One Band One Sound” no matter what, has been nominated for the 2017 Grammy Award “Best R&B Album” for their […]

Prince did not leave a will to divide up or share his monetary value after his death.  He did however leave personal pieces of himself to musicians all over the world before death.  The monetary value of what he left these musicians, PRICELESS. We as fans looked at Prince as mysterious and private.  The reality is that Prince […]

By BridgetEE We live in world that’s in so much turmoil today.  Black on black crime, instances of police brutality, drug infested streets and poverty.  The crack infestation of the 80’s has created the lost generation of the adult new millennium.  People get married for the sake of title and children are being born by […]

By BridgetEE What do you see?  What do you feel?  I hear a sound that induces passion.  Warmth beneath my feet, I feel a maraca slowly shimmering down my spine as I sit perched high on a bright orange sunset with a backdrop blue sky.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ I smell the essence of […]

By BridgetEE I have a point to make.  Ok, so dad your the record company and moms the entertainment industry, and that’s cool, but maybe just maybe, I was born to be just an artist.  Wouldn’t I still be your child?  Wouldn’t you still love me anyway?  You see even if there wasn’t a record company […]

By BridgetEE Mint Heads young, old and from every nationality from all over North East Ohio invaded Akron this weekend.  The Cult like following came to seek and found their leader MINT CONDITION (Stokley Williams, Ricky Kinchen, Homer O’Dell, Larry Waddell, Jeffrey Allen).  If you’re a music lover Mint Condition is like it’s own contained […]

This past weekend was Sweetest Day, how did you express your undying love to someone?  Did you get him or her flowers, perfume, cologne?  Or how bout Mr Bigs style “DInner and A Movie”, did you lay out rose petals and go “BAMM!” handing your sweetie a chocolate covered strawberry?  Well if you said yes […]

Count Down To This Weeks Unsung:  Mint Condition Video: Nothing Left to Say The Real Story This video for Mint Condition, a successful Twin Cities-based R&B group, is for “Nothing Left to Say,” from the band’s new album “eLife.” It was created by the faculty and students of Globe University/Minnesota School of Business ( ). […]

2011 was a banner year for R&B’s hottest band, Mint Condition, who celebrated their 20th anniversary. Their album 7… was critically hailed, featuring a top ten hit (“Not My Daddy” with Kelly Price which earned two Grammy nominations) and two top 20 singles (“Caught My Eye” and “Walk On”). Jet Magazine called 7… “The kind […]

Earlier this year, platinum selling R&B band Mint Condition celebrated their 20th anniversary by releasing a new album, 7…, via Shanachie Entertainment.