Who should you call when you mess up a huge announcement on live television? The one and only Steve Harvey. Harvey knows a thing or two about screwing up big events in the limelight. After the Oscars gaffe Sunday night when the wrong best picture was announced, Harvey took to Twitter to offer to help […]

The popular pizza chain was happy to receive the money back, and has rewarded the bartender with free pizza for a year.   Hiding nearly $1,300 in cash in a box marked “chicken wings” might seem like a great way to safely get money to the bank, but only if you don’t accidentally deliver it to […]

*It was only a matter of time before Aretha Franklin was asked about President Obama’s recent misspelling of her most famous song. At a White House concert last Thursday, Obama dropped the initial “E” when trying to spell out “respect” as the queen of soul does in her famous song. The flub made instant headlines. […]

  The Weather Channel graphic is starting to go viral as “Janus” was misspelled.   We can handle a polar vortex, sure. But this? We’re not so sure we can survive this one. The Weather Channel warned us that the next winter storm is going to be even worse than storm Janus.   READ MORE: […]

  One thing you don’t do as a person in the media is mess up somebody’s name. Trust me, I’ve done it and damn near have had a ransom put on my head for the simple slip of the tongue. Luxury fashion house Armani recently learned that lesson when they got Alfre Woodard‘s name all […]

  *Actress Stacey Dash faced a massive amount of criticism last year for coming forward to publicly endorse Mitt Romney and now is voicing her political views once again. Dash told Fox News recently that she “naively” voted for President Obama while he was running for his first term “because he was black.” “I didn’t […]

A local news anchor was fired on Monday after his first-ever words on air turned out to be very inappropriate. As AJ Clemente prepared for his debut on the evening news program for North Dakota’s NBC affiliate KFYR, he uttered some words that he must have dearly wished he could take back. “F—ing sh-t,” he […]

Speaking to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, Mary J. Blige admitted that working with Burger King on an advertisement for fried chicken was a mistake. “I wanted to crawl under the bed,” Blige said (via Billboard). “It was a mistake, but I did it because I thought it was something that wouldn’t come out like that. […]

http://hellobeautiful.com/ Oprah Winfrey appeared on “CBS This Morning”and admitted that she had made mistakes while creating her OWN cable channel but promised the fledging network would still succeed with a new strategy. The talk show queen who recently laid off 30 staffers at the 15-month-old network after poor ratings, reveals that she had been ill-prepared […]

Here’s a follow up to a story that you guys went off on and now we have a happy ending. The 101-year-old Detroit woman who was evicted from her home of 58 years after her son failed to pay a mortgage got her house back! God is goooooood! Texana Hollis remains in hospital however, after […]