On this episode of 'Candid,' we talk to co-founder of Open Love NY about polyamory.

Exploring Alternatives to Monogamy By Johanna Lyman for GalTime.com In my practice, I’m often asked about swinging, open relationships and the pros and cons of polyamory and monogamy. While I’m not condoning or judging it, it does get me to thinking.  In all these situations, it’s safe to say “different strokes for different folks.” (Pun […]

Your Tango cites studies that say a whopping 70 percent of married men admitted to cheating. That same stat for women was 50 to 60 percent. Ladies aren’t doing much better keeping those vows, eh? Of course no study or poll could give a 100 percent accurate percentage for such a thing and even if […]

We’re in an Open Marriage: Q&A Would you be okay if your husband had a girlfriend? Or what if your wife went on vacation with her male lover – without you — could you handle that? Most people admittedly could not, with such ideas often igniting feelings of rage, jealousy, a barrage of expletives or […]

Is Monogamy Really THAT Confusing? By Marianne Mancusi Beach, GalTime.com You’re in love. You’ve changed your Facebook status to “In a Relationship.” So surely your glorious new significant other understands without a doubt your implied exclusivity. In other words–no more sleeping around! But a new study finds monogamy may not be something to be assumed. […]