The next time you complain about something just watch this video! Little man definitely wasn’t letting anything get in his way when he was learning…


  This week, an American ritual will repeat itself. Something that within the past century has morphed into a rite of passage for armies of…

Two years ago today, the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin at the hands of volunteer night watchman George Zimmerman in a Florida suburb shocked the nation. Galvanized by the unfortunate event, supporters rallied in great numbers around the country calling for justice. As was realized at Zimmerman’s trial last July, Martin’s killer would walk […]

    Life already is Let go of the need for anything to be different. Allow yourself to be fulfilled by everything that is. Let go of your obsession with getting. Center your energy and awareness on being. Let your goals and dreams push you toward a bright and fulfilling future. But don’t let them […]

    To achieve exceptional results, take exceptional action. Get in the habit of quickly taking action, and you’ll get used to seeing your goals and dreams quickly taking shape. The way you make use of your time determines the way your life unfolds. When you hold your time in the highest regard, you’ll reach […]

Actually do it It’s great to know precisely what you want, and why you want it, and how to make it happen, but that’s not enough. You have to actually do it. It’s helpful to learn all the skills, techniques, clever tricks and strategies, yet just knowing all those things won’t make anything happen. You […]

Live the greatness Today is new, and you can be too. This day carries forward positive value from the past, and adds to it new possibilities for the present, and so can you. What came before is over, so stop wishing that the bad things had not happened or that the good things were still […]

Every day is a blessing Some of life’s blessings are immediately obvious. There are many others that, although they don’t feel like blessings at the time, can eventually bring great value to your life. It may seem strange to be thankful when difficulties come your way. Yet those difficulties, and your response to them, can […]

Let go of need Don’t let what you need get in the way of enjoying and expanding upon all the goodness you have. Each need is a burden, and most of them can be let go. Chasing what you think you need takes precious time and resources away from living the beauty that is already […]

Getting somewhere The way to avoid mistakes is to avoid doing anything. But that ends up being the biggest mistake of all. Instead of living in fear of making a mistake, live in awe of the magnificent possibilities. Grab the opportunities, run with them, and any mistakes you make along the way will be quickly […]

Allowing Wonderful, amazing things happen when you stop trying and start allowing. Instead of fighting the effort, unify yourself with it, and your effectiveness goes through the roof. Free yourself from the intense need to do something, and you unlock massive amounts of energy to actually get it done. Tap into the powerful momentum that’s […]

All the magic Do you want some magic in your life? The fact is, you already have it. You can perceive, you can think, you can plan, you can intend, you can take action and you can make a difference. What could possibly be more magical than that? The real magic is life itself. And […]