Getting somewhere

The way to avoid mistakes is to avoid doing anything. But that ends up being the biggest mistake of all.

Instead of living in fear of making a mistake, live in awe of the magnificent possibilities. Grab the opportunities, run with them, and any mistakes you make along the way will be quickly forgotten in the brilliant light of your achievements.

Don’t specifically seek to make mistakes, or to appear foolish, or to offend innocent people. But don’t cower in fear of those things either.

If you should happen to look silly, or to make a few missteps on the way to fulfilling your highest vision, so what? What’s important is not keeping up appearances, but rather staying focused on bringing real value to life.

Do your best to get it right, and don’t be stopped by the fear of getting it wrong. Give your full attention and commitment to the task, and you’ll quickly learn how to consistently move forward.

If you should happen to stumble along the way, see it as a confirmation that you’re getting somewhere. Keep going, keep learning, keep experiencing the ups and downs, and you’ll keep adding real value to all of life.

— Ralph Marston