CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The United Pastors Mission of Greater Cleveland held a press conference at 10:30 a.m. in their push for a statue in honor of LeBron James. The United Pastors Mission of Greater Cleveland is a group that consists of pastors and ministers from all denominations and ethnicities. The plan is to ask city officials and other community […]

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Former Cleveland Browns running back and Hall of Famer Jim Brown Thursday joined in a meeting with local pastors to discuss a community engagement strategy to impact and reduce youth violence in the area. The meeting was prompted by recent and “continuous” violence in Cleveland neighborhoods, according to a news release. It  was held at […]

When it was announced last week that Donald Trump planned a meeting with Black pastors from prominent churches, many felt the clergy were offering an endorsement. While some pastors considered Trump’s message, many of those who were invited to declined from the gate and voiced their disdain over the association with the mogul. In the […]

  With the Michael Brelo trial coming to an end any day now, members of Cleveland’s faith based community prepare to keep the peace in…

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Officer Michael Brelo trial isn’t even over yet and the verdict has yet to be handed down but a group of clergy is asking residents to control their emotions in advanced. Cleveland Pastors want the city to remain calm and in order, regardless of the outcome. “We are aware that […]


This year’s National Fundamentalist Conference, held at Clay Mills Road Baptist, in Kentucky has stirred up some controversy. When the conference decided to do a…

Pastor Sarah Omakwu, a dynamic and passionate spiritual leader, is impacting America by spreading the love of God and sharing her testimony with a new generation of believers. A highly-respected leader and teacher, Pastor Sarah Omakwu has successfully taken her home church, Family Worship Center (FWC) in Abuja, Nigeria, to new heights following the passing […]

Free weddings for all. That’s the word coming out of Parkcrest Christian Church. The Long Beach, Calif., church has announced a Free Wedding Weekend on Sunday, Oct. 2, at its Heartwell campus. In an effort to challenge people in their congregation that are currently living together, but haven’t made the full commitment to become a […]

U.S. pastors vented on Twitter their frustration as the nation boiled under news of the first-ever credit rating downgrade in its history Friday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 600-plus point plunge Monday.

Sunday church dinners haven’t been the same at Oak Hill Baptist Church in northwest Mississippi. Fried chicken and soda are banned. Collard and mustard greens are seasoned with smoked turkey necks instead of pork.