R. Kelly has been going through it since the airing of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ with all his legal woes he appears to be trying to keep his financial cash cow flowing, after it has been reported that the record label and concert gig’s have been putting his dough on ice. Last week he asked that […]

The video is supposed to be one involving optimism on how people can start treating the conditions on Earth better, and even saving the planet too.   While issues like global warming and deforestation plague our world, a rapper is here to remind us that not all hope is lost — we really can do […]

”Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (#1 at the box office this past weekend) is the seventh installment in the fabled Fox franchise which began way back in 1968 with the legendary Charlton Heston as the leading man. This episode stars James Franco as the protagonist of an origins adventure dedicated to explaining exactly […]