Ex Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd while restraining him with his knee on his neck for over 8 minutes cutting off Floyd’s air supply.  Chauvin, after the video video of his actions went viral, was fired then arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder in the death of George Floyd.  Then after […]

The victim says Samuel H. McHenry II handcuffed and assaulted her after she was involved in a car accident he was sent to investigate.   Former Alabama state trooper Samuel H. McHenry II, who was accused of handcuffing and raping a woman, plead guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct, AL.com reported. But he will only serve […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A plea deal decision is imminent in the Ariel Castro case. Castro’s attorneys refused to give details of a plea deal that will be discussed in court on Friday. As we have reported repeatedly, negotiations have been ongoing since Castro’s first court appearance. His attorneys said from the start that some of […]

In Chicago, CBS Local is reporting that Democratic US Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. could be vacating his office as part of a plea deal, which…