Agent Orange AKA number 45  has been in the hot seat with many for his social media tactics, his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic not to mention suggesting (although he said his comments were taken out of context) that we add a Lysol spritzer to our preferred drink so we can cleanse our insides.  However […]

Other shows have referenced, to quote It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, “the orange one,” but no scripted series has addressed President Donald Trump as directly as last night’s extraordinary black-ish, “Lemon.” The Emmy-nominated ABC sitcom, created by Kenya Barris, has stealthily become one of the best comedies on network television, especially when it has something […]


After all of Michelle Obama's hard work to encourage healthier lifestyles, the future of her initiatives looks uncertain under a Trump presidency.

He said the African-American community came through big league for him on Election Day.   As inauguration day nears, President-elect Donald Trump is visiting states where Republicans outvoted Democrats to secure his presidential win as a way to thank voters. During a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, Trump also thanked African Americans for […]


State officials are now admitting that most of the voting machines in Detroit were broken on Election Day.

Donald Trump wins the White House. He comes to power riding high on a wave of White working-class anger at politicians.

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A Gambian model, who has gained notoriety for her rich, dark skin tone, came under attack on social media after a follower accused her of being a White woman in blackface.

President Obama says concern about a Trump presidency drives the first lady to campaign hard. Fundamental human decency is at stake in this election.


The former North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer who was charged with the murder of Walter Scott—a 50-year-old Black man who was fatally shot during a traffic stop—has asked that the state court move his murder trial out of Charleston.


A local North Carolina GOP office was firebombed and destroyed on Sunday.


Hillary Clinton has taken the lead over Donald Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

A new survey found that education policy tops the list of issues that young adults care about. That's especially true for African-Americans.