President Trump went in on 4 minority congresswoman recently, telling them that they need to go back to were they come from.  Then he gave the craziest press conference ever explaining how his African American friends reached out to him to help rapper ASAP Rocky.  Then not long after that he made it point to say that […]

Nike thought it would be a cool idea to drop a 4th of July tennis shoe for the holiday.  The AIR MAX 1 USA is a white tennis shoe trimmed in red with a blue shoe looked hot but the flag on the back caught the eye of Colin Kaepernick, who is one of NIKE’s […]

BELLVILLE, Ohio – A Richland County student will not be attending prom after his school district deemed a sign used during his promposal used racist language. “To be frank with you I thought, ‘Oh my goodness this is awful,'” said Janice Wyckoff, the superintendent at Clear Fork Valley Local Schools. A picture Wyckoff said the […]

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State Defensive end Nick Bosa will be playing for the San Francisco 49ers next season. Bosa was drafted 2nd overall Friday. In a press conference, he apologized for since-deleted social media posts, including one where he called Colin Kaepernick a clown. Kaepernick is a former 49ers quarterback who began kneeling during […]

In the past year, CBS has seen its share of controversy after it was revealed that former CEO Les Moonves was enthralled in a sexual-misconduct investigation where numerous women accused him of explicit behavior. After Moonves stepped down, Whitney Davis, the former head of the network’s entertainment diversity and inclusion division, thought she would use […]

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WOIO) – Two Ohio men have been arrested and charged for allegedly hurling racial slurs at two teens and attacking them at a Waffle House. Police in Bowling Green responded to a Waffle House on East Wooster Street in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 31. The victims and witnesses of […]

ATLANTA, Ga. — Atlanta police have arrested a man for allegedly shooting and killing a 19-year-old who accidentally knocked on his door. According to WSB, it happened at an apartment complex around 12:30 a.m. on Friday. Police told the TV outlet that Omarian Banks was dropped off in a Lyft at the wrong breezeway. He […]

An ex-manager at a pair of Vietnamese restaurants in Texas says she was the target of racial and gender-based verbal attacks in a text message sent by one of its owners after she quit her job. Domo Schneckenburg, 26, who managed two Texas Pho Shack locations — one in Sugar Land and another in Katy. […]

A Maryland High School student is accused of sharing a racist Snapchat post online because her school lost a basketball game by one point. “It was deplorable,” parent Jason Doyle told WJZ. “Kids these days and even adults shouldn’t be talking like that.” In the school’s parking lot, a student told WJZ that he knew the girl and […]

So it’s 2019, and ain’t much changed. Let me take that back. It almost seems as if racist white people are feeling less inhibited to confine their racism. The public displays of despicable behavior haven’t stopped, and in fact it seems as if Mr. Trump’s takeover as president of the United States has emboldened some […]

The trending news has been the Polar Vortex the past few days.  People have been asked to stay out of the cold, schools have been closed, mail delivery has been slowed down and trash pickups have been stopped.  The freezing temperatures have been to blame for fires that couldn’t be put out as well as […]