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Obama Hosts Reception For Nat'l Museum Of African American History And Culture

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President Trump went in on 4 minority congresswoman recently, telling them that they need to go back to were they come from.  Then he gave the craziest press conference ever explaining how his African American friends reached out to him to help rapper ASAP Rocky.  Then not long after that he made it point to say that he knows African Americans will have his back after all he has done for them during his presidency, only to turn around and attack Maryland Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings calling him a racist on Twitter then saying that no human being would want to live in Baltimore, Maryland and that Baltimore is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.

With just that little bit being said that happened in the past couple weeks, President Trump is defending himself from those who are calling him a racist, as a matter of fact he say’s he is not a racist but the democrats are trying to play the race card.

Read the first paragraph again and then add this line in question of the second paragraph…If the shoe fits, wear it.  #IJS

BTW, Twitter clearly isn’t as strict as Facebook otherwise our President would have been put in Twitter jail a long time ago for life.

Check out the video below

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