If you’re tired of making big plans to get fit in January only to meet big disappointments come March, then let me tell you one thing beauties–this is your year! Results are my forte and since I test drove this advice many times, I know this to be true: long term results come from short […]

  It is better to keep a list of goals brief and realistic and also not to give after setbacks.   (CNN) – Bringing in the new year is a time of celebration and renewed hope, and with that often comes a set of new resolutions. But keeping those resolutions takes a bit of planning. […]

By Redbook | Love + Sex – Mon, Dec 17, 2012 11:20 AM EST In this high-stress season, it’s no wonder you’re ready to bite your hubby’s head off every so often. But take a step back, and follow this expert advice to avoid a major meltdown and keep the peace in the long-run. By Holly Corbett, […]

Love Analytix: The New Year’s Resolutions You Should’ve Made By Shirea L. Carroll Filed under: Dating, Relationships, Love Analytix ‘Love Analytix,’ a column all about approaching love with logic over emotion, reviewed the past year and saw there were a lot of lessons about love and relationships to embrace and learn. Now that we are […]