This has not been a good past week for Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers. Megachurch pastor, televangelist and Donald Trump’s Spiritual adviser, Pastor Paula White, wanted to lead Donald Trumps campaign into victory after a winner was not declared after Election night and ended up catching heat when in a service being streamed live on Facebook […]

Woke up this morning with my mind staying on freedom, in a lot of our lifetime, or our parents, grandparents, our Madea’s lifetime people lost their lives for the right of people of color to vote.  Here in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic is taking the lives of American citizens, especially in the black community, but […]

In light of the debate of the celebration of the Fourth of July, activist and celebrities came together to read Frederick Douglass phenomenal, 1852, 4th of July speech, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” presented July 5th, to give clarity to what is truly being celebrated by whom, why and why not. […]

Ava Duvernay opened the eye’s of a new generation as well as others outside of New York City about the injustice served to the now Exonerated Five with her Netflix docu-series ‘When They See Us’. But activist in New York have seen Kevin Richardson, Antron Mccray, Raymond Santana Jr., Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam for […]

Martin set the record straight.   Roland Martin had a solid response to a recent tweet by Mo’Nique challenging his record for fighting for equality for Black folks. The TV One veteran set the record straight on Twitter early Friday morning. Martin had originally tweeted at Mo’Nique’s official Twitter account with a positive message early Friday. Mo’Nique then […]

Roland Martin has a huge problem with Pastor Paula White. And as far as we’re concerned, he has every right to have issues with her. Here’s why. White, who is pastor of an evangelical megachurch and is one of President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers, said on television that the president is “authentically raised up by God.” Yep, […]


Trump continues to espouse his belief that millions voted illegally, a belief that will lead to more Republican-led voter suppression legislation.


Fallout over Trump's proposed border wall leads to questions over who will finance it: Mexico or the American people?


Donald Trump says he will order a major investigation into his bogus charges of voter fraud.

“We don’t need the fox guarding the hen-house,” Rev. William Barber said of Jeff Sessions’ AG nomination. Rev. William Barber has stood on the frontline of the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina to protest against discriminatory practices conducted by Republicans in his home state. He is now leading a Moral March on Monday in Washington, D.C. […]


Louisiana Sheriff Newell Normand repeated a series of offensive phrases and racially insensitive remarks levied against him, adding another level of perceived bias in the probe into the Joe McKnight's fatal shooting.


The person who shot and killed former NFL running back Joe McKnight is a free man.