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This has not been a good past week for Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers.

Megachurch pastor, televangelist and Donald Trump’s Spiritual adviser, Pastor Paula White, wanted to lead Donald Trumps campaign into victory after a winner was not declared after Election night and ended up catching heat when in a service being streamed live on Facebook summoned “angelic reinforcement” from the continents of Africa and South America to help Donald Trump cross the victory line.

“I hear a sound of victory, the Lord says it is done,” “For angels have even been dispatched from Africa right now… In the name of Jesus from South America, they’re coming here.”

So you know what happened after that conjuring…the video went viral, and the dragging of Paula White began.

But Paula White being the ‘G’ that she is responded to her haters in another video that has since went viral, telling folks that yall got her number, you know where she is, don’t have her call some things out.  Yes Pastor P went all the way there.

Pastor Jamal Bryant another Mega Church pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church just outside of the ATL was asked by friend of the Sam Sylk show, Roland Martin, about his pastoral thoughts on Pastor Paula White initial prayer then the calling out of folks after.

‘The Black Church Made Her’….. ‘The Chickens Came Home To Roost’

Mic drop!!

However Pastor Jamal Bryant is still willing to sit down with Pastor Paula White and talk about.  Now that’s the Christian thing to do…Amen

Take a look at the video below

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