Pastor John Gray is the talk of the town once again. This time, it’s not another meeting with President Trump, it’s one of his more common offenses, speaking about relationships. The last time, we discussed John Gray was when he told LeToya Luckett and then women from the pulpit, that they needed to move in the spirit of […]

If you think your sex life has plummeted, you’re not alone. With all the research backing the benefits of sex from increased work productivity to glowing skin, Americans are reportedly still not getting it on as much as you would think. According to a new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, regardless […]

Once a week? Every Day? Experts weigh in.   So, spoiler alert, there is no exact answer. Sex is such a couple to couple type of thing that you can’t really say how often anyone should be getting it on in the sack. To put it simply, it depends on the relationship! Emmalee Bierly, MFT, Jennifer […]

Blac Chyna may have an affiliation with the Kardashians by way of her recent engagement to Rob Kardashian, but that doesn’t mean she’s down for having Kris Jenner‘s hands all in her purse. Atleast, that’s what a source close to Chyna is telling the gossip rags. As much as we are cackling at the notion […]

After months of filling our news feeds with details of their budding romance, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have decided to make their love official. Looks like Rob proposed to Blac Chyna, and the 27-year-old model said, yes! Just look at that sparkler: The alleged proposal comes amid speculation that the Kardashians weren’t too pleased with the couple. Not […]

This article in Esquire magazine entitled, How My Girlfriend Helped Me Fall in Love with Getting Pegged. And as the title suggests, it’s a heartwarming tale about the time Zachary Zane, a bisexual man who is in a loving and committed relationship with a woman, learned how to love getting a finger – and other […]

I’ve spent several days thinking about Rev. Run, Tyrese, Amber Rose and their conversation about sexual consent on OWN’s It’s Not You, It’s Men. In short: Amber Rose had to explain that “no means no,” Tyrese talked about women’s sexual energy practically forcing men to “grope” them and Rev. Run threw in a heavy dose […]

You know in those movies when you have an actor who’s playing a singer but can’t sing, so they dub his voice with a real singer? This is what Columbus Short’s new single for “50 Shades” sounds like. Trust us. It’ll make sense when you watch the 3 minute and 32 second video, above. The […]

Bowie, whose career stretched over six decades, died at his home Sunday following an 18-month battle with cancer.   Supermodel Iman, wife to David Bowie, has been paying tribute to her late husband by compiling pictures that celebrities have posted of the rockstar, and picking some of her own. Bowie, whose career stretched over six decades, died at […]

Congrats are in order for Keyshia Cole. After a very long, public, and heated split from Boobie Gibson, who she’s still legally married to by the way, the “I Should’ve Cheated” singer has announced that she’s engaged. Over the weekend, a fan asked if she was married yet and Keyshia casually spilled the tea: “No. Engaged.” […]

Mariah Carey’s new beau James Packer is filthy rich, hence the ridiculously blinged out Van Cleef necklace she’s rocking during her appearance on the Steve Harvey show. Mimi sat down with Steve to candidly chat about, ya know…butterflies and glittery stuff and revealed how she met her new boo. ‘We first met in Aspen, ironically, […]

Brelyn Freeman, now Brelyn Bowman, the daughter of Maryland Pastor Dr. Mike Freeman, recently got married. It looked like a beautiful Black society wedding from the photos posted on social media. But it’s not the wedding itself that has people talking. It’s what happened before the ceremony. Brelyn decided to give her father a special gift – proof […]