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This article in Esquire magazine entitled, How My Girlfriend Helped Me Fall in Love with Getting Pegged.

And as the title suggests, it’s a heartwarming tale about the time Zachary Zane, a bisexual man who is in a loving and committed relationship with a woman, learned how to love getting a finger – and other things – in the butt.

But of course, it was a process.

Although Zane is bisexual, he writes that he initially wasn’t too keen on the idea, citing a bad singular experience as bottom during a night of rough, drunken and painful anal sex.


“…when my girlfriend told me how arousing she found topping, I promised I’d give it another shot. Not just for her, but for me. I figured I must have been missing something. Queer men had sworn by bottoming since the dawn of man. My gay friends told me there’s nothing more pleasurable than proper prostate stimulation. Millions of men can’t be wrong, can they? I needed to find out.”

Zane writes that learning to love anal stimulation came with plenty of trial and error. The first time he tried it was with his girlfriend, she couldn’t get it in there, telling him, “You’re too tight because you keep clenching.”

Feeling that the problem was mental, his girlfriend suggested that he try stimulating his prostate alone in the shower. That time, the finger went in, but as Zane writes, he still wasn’t quite comfortable.

The next time I tried was with my girlfriend. After multiple attempts in different positions, I finally managed to relax enough for her to get her middle finger inside me. I laid with my back on the bed, legs bent, and it started to feel … nice. Like a massage, except on the inside of my body. I relaxed enough for her to slip her index finger in there too, and that’s when it started to feel really good. We kept it slow and shallow the first few times. After that, we started experimenting with toys and figured out what felt best for me. Thin, long, medium-speed, and vibrating — in case you were wondering. I would orgasm almost instantaneously when she entered me. I began to have orgasms that spread through my entire body like a pulsing electric shock, instead of simple orgasms localized to my junk.

I finally understood what all the fuss was about. I fully believed the hype.”

As Zane writes, the addition of butt-play into their sex life helped their sex life “take on a new and very pleasurable shape.”



Article Courtesy of Madame Noire

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images

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