Santa Claus

After an extensive legal feud full of ugly revelations, countless seizures, and an attempt on his life, Lil Wayne finally severed his contract with Cash Money Records kingpin Bryan “Birdman” Williams and released Tha Carter V this summer after a 7-year wait. The rapper spitter took a moment to shoutout the real ones who held him down during […]

NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio — Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield keeps making northeast Ohioans happy. Newburgh Heights Police Department shared photos of Mayfield and his fiancée Emily Wilkinson after they were “busted” for playing Secret Santa. This comes just hours after Mayfield thanked fans for making Sunday’s game a sellout.  Mayfield told Cleveland, “I appreciate you guys,” and it’s clear by […]

Trump may hate on him but this is how a compassionate man that runs the free world is supposed to be, kind to others. Barack Obama may not be lighting up the White House lawn anymore but he is lighting up the lives of others that are a little down. Former President Barack Obama threw […]

A new survey says some people would “rebrand” Santa Claus as either gender neutral or female. According to the logo-making company Graphics Springs, about 10% of people surveyed said Santa should be a woman; about 17% said Old Saint Nick should be gender neutral. Four-thousand people across the United States and the United Kingdom were reportedly asked […]

The organizer of the annual holiday photo sessions wanted a Santa with whom kids of color could identify.   Kids lining up to take a picture with Santa Claus at the Mall of America are getting a big surprise this year. CBS News Minnesota reports that organizers of the Santa Experience booked the mall’s first […]

The still popular late night host, who just retired after 33 years as a late night talk show host on NBC and later CBS, is enjoying not having to shave and dress up as he used to do every time he had to get ready for a taping.   David Letterman looks like he’s living […]

From Alexander Hamilton to J. Edgar Hoover to Betty Boop, there are so many historical figures we thought were white, but were actually black! Click…

In our so-called post-racial America after the historic election of President Barack Obama, racial dysfunction continues to creep into the nation’s public school classrooms. Get…

  Fox reporter Megyn Kelly thinks Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are white, so it only makes sense she come out with a Christmas album dedicated to her beliefs. Listen to the hilarious audio to hear snippets of holiday classics remixed by Megyn Kelly to remind us all again Santa and Jesus are both white! […]

  According to FOX news and Megyn Kelly, Santa Claus is white, apparently it’s a fact. But here at  The D.L. Hughley Show we have found out that he is actually black. So gather around kiddies and listen to the audio as we give you proof that St.Nick is black! Part 1.   Part 2. […]

According to FOX news and Megyn Kelly, Santa Claus is white, apparently it’s a fact. But here at  The D.L. Hughley Show we have found…

  A high school teacher in New Mexico has come under fire after he reportedly told a Black ninth-grader that Santa Claus was white. The teacher was moved to make the statement after the student wore the customary red cap and white beard in a school-sanctioned spirit event last week. According to the account of […]