A high school teacher in New Mexico has come under fire after he reportedly told a Black ninth-grader that Santa Claus was white. The teacher was moved to make the statement after the student wore the customary red cap and white beard in a school-sanctioned spirit event last week.

According to the account of the boy’s father, Michael Rougier, his son Christoper dressed in the traditional Santa Claus outfit after officials at Cleveland High School allowed students to wear the outfits. The teacher verbally checked the student in front of the class and Mr. Rougier, who is white, is aiming his efforts in making sure remarks of that sort don’t happen again as reported by KOB-TV.

From KOB-TV:

“Christopher, don’t you know Santa Clause is white? Why are you wearing that?” Michael Rougier remembered.

“There’s no room for that in the classroom,” Rougier said. “Whether this teacher felt Christopher may have been wearing this out of context, there’s no room for it. There’s just no room for it.”

A spokesperson for Rio Rancho Public Schools says the Cleveland High School teacher knows he made a “dumb” mistake, and that he has since apologized to the Rougier family.


To read about what is going on with the teacher, click here:

Article Courtesy of Hip Hop Wired

Picture Courtesy of KOB-TV Albuquerque and Hip Hop Wired

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