Remember to turn your clocks back Sunday, Nov. 2. Set your clocks back by one hour before going to bed Saturday night. Daylight saving time officially ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday. So, when the clock strikes 2 a.m. it’s really 1 a.m. State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers is reminding Ohioans to make a […]

Be careful who you enter into relationships with. You could be sleeping next to an arsonist and not even know it. A woman in  Minnesota learn that the hard way when she woke up in a hospital missing an ear and covered in second and third degree burns. Her boyfriend drenched her in nail polish, […]

*Could NeNe Leakes’ time on Fox’s “Glee” be coming to an end? The possibility is there, according to reports, which stated that the popular show has undergone a total reboot. As a result, “Glee” will no longer be filmed in a school setting as students move to New York after graduating. For Leakes, that means […]

When a show is as bad as “Work It,” and you truly have nothing nice to say about it, it often feels like you should just follow that old adage and not say anything at all. But that’s not my job. (Sorry, Mom!) If you somehow haven’t heard about this horrific new show, the fine […]

NEW YORK CITY – A large crowd is expected  to gather in Times Square on Wednesday, December 28, for the 5th annual “Good Riddance Day.” It’s a chance to say so long to whatever made you feel blue in 2011. People are encouraged to destroy their bad memories with a giant paper shredder or sledgehammer, […]

FORT LAUDERDALE –Sheldon Gonzales said he was asleep on his couch Tuesday night when he was suddenly “awakened by a burning sensation in the crotch of his pants,” according to a report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.