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Question: Do you think its ok for a pastor to give out sex tips to a congregation? FEMALE PASTOR HANDS OUT SEX TIPS TO MALE CONGREGATION: Church can be a place to learn deep lessons– including how to please your partner, apparently. A Nigerian pastor has slammed her male congregation for not “taking care” of […]

Karrine Steffans is what some like to call an attention whore *no pun intended*. But, that same attention whore, who formerly goes by the name “Superhead,” has plenty of experience in the sexual department. Her debut memoir “Diary Of A Video Vixen” reigns as a New York Times Bestseller and trumps every tell-all book created […]

  10 things women wish men knew about sex  by The_Stir, 3 hours 38 minutes ago  Sex isn’t all that complicated. It’s a biological urge, something we should all know how to do just by instinct, but any woman who has been with a man fumbling around to unhook her bra and appear so suave […]

Hooking Up: 5 Rules for Booty Calls By John Ortved, Glamour magazine Yesterday I wrote about a friend of mine who responded to a booty call from a guy she really likes (jury is out on whether he feels the same way…though his behavior certainly indicates that he doesn’t). The post got me thinking that […]

Most Married Women Don’t Count Hubby as Best Sexual Partner partner by Marie Claire, on Fri May 28, 2010 9:25am PDT 124 Comments Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse Just because you married him, doesn’t mean he’s the best you’ve ever had. At least that’s what a new study reveals. […]

by John Ortved, Single-ish, Glamour Magazine,   Let’s talk about dirty talk. Now, I wish the rest of this post were a litany of curse words. I wish it were a sonorous thesaurus of anatomy. But sadly it’s not, because that’s not the sex talk I want to discuss. Instead, let’s talk about talking about […]