US Weekly reports that in Bobby Brown's new memoir, Every Little Step, the New Edition singer confirms longtime rumors that late ex-wife Whitney Houston was bisexual.


Several years ago, I saw Iyanla Vanzant come to speak to an audience in Brooklyn and she mesmerized the mostly African-American female crowd. She spoke…

Keith Ablow also spoke out against Chaz Bono from “Dancing with the Stars” after his transgender surgery back in 2011. Fox News’ trusty doctor, Keith Ablow, can always be counted on for sound medical advice. Now he’s saying that the whole idea of being transgender might be a myth. Ablow wrote a column on Fox […]

Chilli may have been a part of one of the most iconic girl group’s in history but the singer is also one protective mother. The TLC member has recently launched a petition against infamous blog MTO after they blasted her 16-year-old son’s sexuality. “Most of you know me as a member of the group TLC, […]

  According to a recent study by the Williams Institute, the number of African-Americans within the LBGTQ community is rising fast. RELATED: The LBGTQ Factor: The Hidden Side Of Stop and Frisk The study estimates that there are 1,018,700 LBGTQ African-American adults in the U.S today. Eighty-four thousand African-Americans are in same-sex couple households, with […]

A shocking new sex study has discovered that there is a narrowing gap between men and women when it comes to infidelity. Men are often thought of first when you mention cheating in a relationship, but it seems that women are reversing that trend! According to the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey, the […]

  The iconic singer also mentions she’s a gay man inside.   Madonna stopped by Reddit Monday for her own version of the site’s “Ask Me Anything,” dubbed “Ask Madonna Almost Anything.” The Queen of Pop kept things interesting by talking about equal rights, Frank Ocean and whether she’d be a top or a bottom. […]

Well-known for her debut performance in the “Player’s Club,” we’ll never forget how Lisa Raye left a lasting impression on us. No, not for the simple fact that she played a stripper but because of her sexy and confident character. Throughout her career, Raye has always played confident, sexy roles and believe it or not […]

Walter Lee Hampton II posted a shocking YouTube video claiming when he met Tyler Perry back in the 90s…Tyler was a flamboyant gay man! He says…

It’s all in the eyes! Researchers found that pupil dilation can now reveal a person’s sexual preference. A new study from Cornell University found that when a person’s eyes are dilated and examined using a specialized infrared lens they can determine their sexual orientation. UH OH! Researchers examined the dilated pupils of study participants as […]

I am a legal prostitute. A courtesan. A working girl. I am all of these adjectives and many more. I happily and proudly make my living working in a legal brothel. My blatant acknowledgement of this fact might cause your heart to race. Whether out of anger or excitement, the fact is that I accept payment in exchange for affection. If you'll notice, I did not use the word "sex" when describing what I do. That's neither out of shame nor embarrassment, rather because sex is only a tiny percentage of what I do. I am proud of what I do, and I enjoy it immensely. I have had the honor and joy of entertaining men and women from all walks of life, professions and of various financial means. There is a misconception that those who seek the company of a paid companion are unable to find companionship on their own or that they are simply of amoral. That might be true in many instances, however, being one who practices the art of courtesanship, I can attest that my experiences have been much different.