Walter Lee Hampton II posted a shocking YouTube video claiming when he met Tyler Perry back in the 90s…Tyler was a flamboyant gay man! He says it’s not until Tyler blew up in the movie industry that he decided to deny being gay.

Well, not long after Walter posted the video below…he was attacked. As you can see from the pics, his face was sliced open. We aren’t sure if his alleged “outing” of Tyler caused this but the timing is interesting.

Walter says he didn’t do this to hurt Tyler but he’s pissed that Tyler is gay and chooses to ignore the black gay community that helped him get to the top.

Below is Hampton’s video; go to the 5 minute mark to hear his remarks about Tyler Perry…

So far no word from Tyler…other than a Facebook message he posted this morning titled “That Is Your Past & There’s No Future In It.” You be the judge.

Source: BlackMediaScoop

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